Why Does Nature Matter?

Fantastic to speak with Ian Redmond OBE about his work in Africa and mine in the Amazon.

Ian has had a life time of conservation and is renowned for his work with Gorillas and Elephants https://www.legendsandlegaciesofafrica.org/ianredmond

In this conversation organised by Youth Earth Protectors and the Ecocide campaign we speak about Covid and the effects on Nature, the law of Ecocide and how this could help our work and why we do what we do.


If you are not already signed up legally as an Earth Protector then please do so. For more information see https://www.stopecocide.earth/become


This was a live instagram event but can now be seen on you tube





and the second part


Nature as Teacher

2nd February 2021 16.00-17.00


Nature has the answers we just have to ask the right questions.

After billions of years of evolution Nature has worked out what works and how to be the most efficient possible whilst using minimal resources.

The new science of biomimicry looks at natures designs, systems and functions. This helps engineers and architects, biologists and fashion designers, computer programmers and business leaders to create a new kind of future. A world where we learn from nature, how to live in harmony and replicate what works.

In our modern lives we don’t often spend much time outside and although we may look and learn about Nature we don’t ask enough questions and actually learn from Nature.

So this talk and activity will be about you finding a new way to look at the world around you. Becoming more inquisitive, asking questions and seeing what you can learn from. I will show some of the latest exciting short videos with examples of how biomimicry is being used in the world. You will then see what you could design inspired by Nature .

It is an exciting world of possibilities and we have only just starting embracing this new way of learning.

Biomimicry gives us, especially the young, a sense of hope and awe, to see the future in a different way. To realise the more we know the less we know but the answers are all around us.

Thanks to the South Downs National Park for supporting this event.

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“Nicola Peel is a highly acclaimed international speaker on the challenges of environmental sustainability and the creation of grassroots solutions to problems left behind by global corporations.

Sharing her extensive experience in working collaboratively with the scientific, entrepreneurial and local communities around  the world, Nicola brings to life the challenges of indigenous people living with the effects of global pollution with wry humour and deep empathy expressed through practical solutions.

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