“Your positive voice for the environment is so refreshing. Hearing your words is like breathing in the fresh cool air of an old growth red wood forest”
Diane Kellett



“Nicola Peel is a highly acclaimed international speaker on the challenges of environmental sustainability and the creation of grassroots solutions to problems left behind by global corporations.

Sharing her extensive experience in working collaboratively with the scientific, entrepreneurial and local communities around  the world, Nicola brings to life the challenges of indigenous people living with the effects of global pollution with wry humour and deep empathy expressed through practical solutions.

A lifetime spent exposing the effects of globalisation allows Nicola to reveal the true nature of the impact western culture is having on our precious planet, environment and people, but she also offers hope, positivity and workable solutions to our challenges in an increasingly person-centred world.

Nicola can bring expert knowledge to corporate conferences without
confrontation, she can can help to  expand awareness to the possibility of positive outcomes through new sciences like biomimicry, and can enthuse, entertain and inspire us all to work more creatively to achieve results that bring benefit to all.”


“Nicola inspires, informs and educates not only about what is possible, but also what is required. She is a force for Nature”
Polly Higgins, International Barrister


“If efficiency, in terms of environmental education, can be interpreted as doing things right, Nicola, distinctively and effectively, does right things” Alan Chadwick (Dr)


“Its rare to be so turned on by a talk and find so much new information in such a short time. Very cool and inspiring!” Daniel Hurring, Event Producer



Are you looking for someone to come and speak to and engage with your students about the Amazon, Environmental issues or ecological design? Nicola has spent 15 years facilitating a variety of projects in the Amazon. Her current talks also cover the field of biomimicry and closed loop systems. This shows exciting ways of learning from nature and teaches us how to vision another reality and move towards a more sustainable world.


“Year Thirteen Product Design students were fortunate enough to spend some time in the company of Nicola Peel, a leading environmentalist and authority on sustainable initiatives. The discussions Nicola initiated enabled a far more thought provoking, relevant and exciting take on the whole subject of environmental responsibility than we had bargained for. Her stories challenged the group of potential product designers to really think about the world we live in and design for.”

Niel Doig Faculty Head of Technology, Sidcot School

“We were delighted to have Nicola address the whole school and talk in detail about her inspiring work and ethos. Through the variety and depth of her experience, and with her compelling delivery, she showed our students that they can use their passion and imagination to make a real difference. She got us thinking about our impact on the world and how we can find solutions through positive change.”

Alastair Harden, Bedales

“It was really amazing to see the real life things that people actually use in the the Amazon – that was awesome”

“The Amazon music really made it seem like you were in the jungle”

“The children (and staff) found the slideshow and talk very interesting; it enhanced and brought to life the year 3 Amazon jungle topic work”
St Nicola and St Marys Primary School, Shoreham-by-Sea




Nicola Peel - Winner sized