Environmentalist, Solutionist & Inspirational Speaker

For over 20 years my work has been focussed on environmental solutions. Rather than feeling overwhelmed by the problem I have done whatever I can, hence my job title Solutionist.

As a filmmaker I have have made documentaries to raise awareness, built rainwater systems for those drinking contaminated water and brought together scientists to use fungi to clean up oil spills. I have built buildings made of thousands of plastic bottles filled with rubbish and taught agroforestry to regenerate the soil and prevent further deforestation of the Amazon. However there is always more to do!

We are finally waking up to the climate and ecological breakdown that we are facing. For many they think it is up to governments or big business or someone else to fix the problems and feel disempowered to be a part of the change themselves.

My focus is to identify the issues we face and see what opportunities and solutions there are to address these issues. Every one of us have different strengths and different areas of expertise.

To help me in my work I have had to call upon mycologists, biologists, geologists, economists and now I call forth for more solutionists. We must focus not on the problems and that which we do not want but instead we must see the future we do want and work towards it. Like a wise man once said “We must be the change we wish to see in the world”

And what a wise friend once said about me
“Nicola inspires, informs and educates not only about what is possible, but also what is required. She is a force for Nature”
Polly Higgins, Ecocide Law Advocate

This is my personal site, for more on environmental education see my original website Eyes of Gaia

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