Nicola’s Bio

Nicola Peel is an award-winning environmentalist, who speaks passionately about the lessons she has learned from her 20 years working in the Ecuadorian Amazon and her deep connection to the natural world. Combining inspiring stories and practical solutions, Nicola provides a vision of how we can live in harmony with Nature.

Spending 6 months in an isolated lagoon filming the pink river dolphins she then travelled down the Amazon River to produce a documentary, Blood of the Amazon.

Since then, Nicola has initiated numerous social and environmental projects in the Amazon and continues to inspire others about indigenous wisdom, nature’s intelligence and how taking action can actually change the world.

Talks will include Nicola’s vision of the future and her belief  “If we can’t see it, we won’t ever get there.”  She will explain the many benefits of the cutting edge new science of Biomimicry, and how business can learn from nature’s technology. Other topics include “Why conservation needs to change” and “How we can learn from indigenous people”.

Nicola will also give a glimpse into some of the practical, down to earth projects she has initiated including the use of fungi to remediate oil spills, the building of rainwater systems and the teaching of agroforestry to prevent deforestation.

Being locked down in one of the most biodiverse places on Earth, The Los Cedros Reserve in Ecuador, Nicola dedicated a year to the precedent-setting Rights of Nature legal campaign to protect it. Speaking at the Constitutional Court of Ecuador and coordinating a team of economists, she spoke about the valuation of the forest using today’s carbon market.

Nicola is currently a trustee for Rainforest Saver, Contributor with Rebalance Earth, and Creative Director for Sussex Green Living.

She is the co-founder of the South East Climate Alliance, a coalition of over 100 environmental, social and faith based groups working on climate solutions, and a full time campaigner advising various organisations.

Nicola has given key note speeches to entire schools such as the prestigious Christs Hospital and Bedales, spoken for the COP26 Nature team at BEIS (The Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy) and sat on numerous panels including the Wellcome Trust and Glastonbury Festival.