Transparent fluid which can shape shift between solid, liquid or gas. Vital for all known forms of life. Water covers 71% of the Earth’s surface. 96.5% of the planets water is in the ocean. An adult human contains roughly 60% water. Clean water is a necessity.

I was horrified to discover in the Amazon rivers running black from oil spills. Sadly there are regular oil spills in the Amazon, this industry comes with its risks. Witnessing these contaminated streams and rivers led me to build rainwater systems and promote the need for remediation of the water.

Ocean gyres dumping vast quantities of rubbish onto the beaches. The ocean trying to clean itself. We must change our ways from our plastic addiction and clean up the waters.

Over fishing, whaling, agricultural run off, coral dying in another great extinction and the warming of our oceans. Rivers running with toxic waste, fabric dyes, petrochemicals and sewage.

Oh water what are we doing?