Speaking to Inspire Others

Whilst in the UK I am asked to speak at a variety of events.

In schools I give presentations on the rain forest. This gives children an opportunity to ask questions and gain a deeper understanding about life in the Amazon.

At Colleges and Universities I have spoken on the science of biomimicry, how nature inspired designs can solve human problems and given first hand accounts to students studying Corporate Social Responsibility.

I also gives talks at festivals and for different clubs and associations on my work, empowering people to see ‘How Can One Person Make a Difference’.

Whether you are an individual or big business there is always room for change, growth, evolution and being a part of the solution.

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I am currently offering 3 standard presentations but can adapt to the audience and requirements.


This presentation covers some of the work I have initiated and coordinated in the Ecuadorian Amazon. From living deep in the jungle and traveling down the Amazon river to the impacts I discovered of the oil industry on the people and environment. These projects include building hundreds of family’s rainwater systems so they may drink clean water, bringing scientists together to study how fungi can clean up oil spills and initiating the agroforestry project to prevent deforestation. This presentation includes beautiful images of both the indigenous people who live there and the other species they share their home with.


We often think of the Amazon as being super diverse but after being locked down in the Choco cloud forest I discovered it is these hidden gems that contain even more biodiversity. This is a stunning photographic journey of the Los Cedros Reserve , home to numerous critically endangered species, bears, mammals, felines and still largely unstudied with species still yet to be identified. Over 400 kinds of orchids and 800 species of moths, 300 kinds of birds and incalculable fungi. Biodiversity has become a buzz word, but this presentation is designed to show you what it actually looks like and why it is so vital we protect these last arks of life. I will also discuss the ground-breaking Rights of Nature case where I spoke at the constitutional court of Ecuador on how we economically valued the reserve.


Billions of years of evolution and nature has worked out what works and what lasts. This awe-inspiring presentation shows examples of some of the ways nature can help us. From architecture to materials, the macro to the micro, we discuss natures designs, systems, and processes. How life builds using on -site resources without toxic chemicals, uses shape and form and intelligently replicates and communicates. We will look at some of the species’ business is learning from and how and what the future could look like.

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Inspiring Business

Nicola Peel is a highly acclaimed international speaker on the challenges of environmental sustainability and the creation of grassroots solutions to problems left behind by global corporations.

Sharing her extensive experience in working collaboratively with the scientific, entrepreneurial and local communities around  the world, Nicola brings to life the challenges of indigenous people living with the effects of global pollution with wry humour and deep empathy expressed through practical solutions.

A lifetime spent exposing the effects of globalisation allows Nicola to reveal the true nature of the impact western culture is having on our precious planet, environment and people, but she also offers hope, positivity and workable solutions to our challenges in an increasingly person-centred world.

Nicola can bring expert knowledge to corporate conferences without confrontation, she can can help to expand awareness to the possibility of positive outcomes through new sciences like biomimicry, and can enthuse, entertain and inspire us all to work more creatively to achieve results that bring benefit to all.

Inspiring Students

Are you looking for someone to come and speak to and engage with your students about the Amazon, Environmental issues or ecological design? Nicola has spent 15 years facilitating a variety of projects in the Amazon. Her current talks also cover the field of biomimicry and closed loop systems. This shows exciting ways of learning from nature and teaches us how to vision another reality and move towards a more sustainable world.