About This Project

When I heard Mia Rose speak at a conference on How Mushrooms Can Clean Up Oil Spills I invited her to come down to Ecuador and see if this technique could really help.

The Amazon Mycorenewal Project was born and since 2006 there was a steady stream of scientists and volunteers coming down to Ecuador to lend a hand.

Our mission was to find the most effective and efficient way to remediate the contamination caused from the oil industry.

Sadly due to lack funds the project has ceased, however Lexie Groper a biologist who came down to help has stayed and continues to do fantastic work with the local people. For more see Amisachu 

We must keep the vision that one day Chevron Texaco will pay their fine and the land and water will be cleaned. For this there must be an effective plan in place.

Fungi, bacteria and plants will be a part of cleaning up this devastated land.