The atmosphere that protects and is necessary for life on Earth. Take a deep breath, what would you prefer, clean fresh mountain air or the smog of a major city?

Gas flares burn billions of cubic metres of natural gas released from oil production daily, 24/7 365 days a year contaminating the air and bringing grave health risks to the residents. Why not build the infrastructure to store it and use it locally?

Corporations’ accountability to the people and environment surrounding them imply that oil companies should be required to re-inject the gas, to recover it, or to shut down any extraction facilities in which the gas flaring is occurring.

Gas flaring continues to contribute significantly to greenhouse gases in our atmosphere and creates acid rain

So whilst they burn off the gas in some countries in others fracking ( a drilling technique that blasts water, sand and a cocktail of chemicals deep underground in order to get out the gas) has become one of the latest threats.

In many countries the burning of plastic rubbish is normal. When there is no infrastructure to ‘take it away’ it is dealt with on site. The cocktail of chemicals end up in the air, breath’ed in by the children and some particles fall back down to Earth in the rain, landing on agricultural fields.